Financial Freedom. That is my passion and my commitment. I am committed to helping us both get there. Join me.

The title for this site was inspired by a wonderful teacher who realized – after decades of teaching – that his role was “…to awaken the possibilities in others”. I can think of no higher calling to aspire to.

For so long I have worked to be of service to others. That has taken a number of forms. I’ve worked in customer service, both as a customer service representative and as a manager of customer service teams. Then I’ve done marketing where I have served others by helping them grow their business, to help their community and support the employment of others.

Recently, however, that service has taken on a different form, one that is a distillation of these earlier roles.  Now, I am focused on helping a select group of people to achieve financial freedom.  Inclusion in this group is your choice.  And mine.  If this peaks your interest, read on and look around this site.

There are both minor and major ways I offer to serve your ambition – and mine – of achieving financial freedom.

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